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Quatchi’s Halloween in October!

Shanny & D help Quatchi celebrate his first “Quatchoween” with some cool “Quatch-o-lanterns” (above), and Shrinky-Dinks (below — why not “Quatchi Dinks”?). Anyway, see it all here.

We’ve posted this before — a Quatchi jack o’ lantern by Natalie Bajalcaliev White — but it’s worth a second look:

Also worth an encore is this killer Quatchi jack by Grace Lin:

See also Quatchi’s Halloween in January! and Quatchi’s Halloween in February!

— Steve


Quatchi Fan Art #53

By peetietang.

There’s also Quatchewok.


The above art inspired the folks at Quatchifan2010 to do this…

— Steve

Quatchi Halloween Costumes!


Halloween is just around the corner!

Time to start working on your Quatchi costume, like the ones modeled by Immy (top), Imogen (middle), and this kid (right).

More here and here, and of course, The Quatchi Kid.

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #52

By tivari.

— Steve

Quatchi on the Road #3

Holy smokes! Sammers’ Q has been China (above), as well as Chicago

…and MontrĂ©al:

Meanwhile, Shanny & D took Quatchi to Paris:

And some other folks took him south to Cusco, Peru:

Lastly, my sister Linda sent me this picture of Quatchi’s visit to Yellowstone National Park:

But she really just took a picture of Quatchi and then pasted it onto another picture she took at Yellowstone. Pretty sneaky, sis.


Here’s Quatchi in Bangkok:

And back in China, this time in Ningbo:


A visit to Sydney:

— Steve

Cats Love Quatchi!

Above, Quatchi and Mouse. Below, Quatchi and Cochise.

A couple of Quatchi Watch classic reprints: “Quatchi Riding On The Cat,” found here

…and with our upstairs neighbor, Cinders:

Quatchi hangs out with another neighbor cat, Stumpy, so named because of the tail he’s missing (or never had). Stumpy loves ham!

Finally, here’s a cat named Quatchi, and cat named Quatchie [sic].

Don’t forget — dogs love Quatchi too!


With Gwen:


Attacked by Jenkins:

A safe distance from some cat in a Portland store:

With Miga and Buddy:

— Steve