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Quatchi Is Delicious #3

This Quatchi cake by Alyssa Fahlman is amazing. Not only is it beautifully detailed, but Quatchi is sitting up!

I like his mitten-paws:

You can watch him being decapitated here:

This great cake was made for a baby’s birthday celebration:

The Cake-ka-tiers made these fun mascot cupcakes:

And finally, Baking With Sneakers had these delish Quatchi cupcakes:

Here’s Quatchi enjoying one:



Quatchi Crafts #2

You might have seen the Quatchi crafts that we enjoyed making, and it looks like some other people have been having fun with their own Quatchi crafts. This kid looks pretty stoked about his Quatchi paper bag craft:

Sue of I Purr-Furr to Craft made some awesome plush mascot figures. Here’s Quatchi solo:

And with his mascot crew:

And Weebill has this interesting bead craft of Quatchi’s face:


Quatchi Watch Road Trip, Part 3

Everywhere you turn in Vancouver, you see Quatchi.

By the Olympic flame:

On the SkyTrain:

At the Robson Ice rink:

Out and about downtown:

At London Drug:

And driving down the street: