Quatchi Loves Hockey!

Well, duh.

Still, here’s some fun Quatchi puck action that hasn’t fit into earlier posts, like when he celebrated Canada’s gold-medal victory…

With his favorite goalie, Olympian/Canuck Roberto Luongo, found here

In his Canucks sweater, found here

This is the first image in another killer flickr set by The Blackbird, Quatchi’s Dream Comes True

Heather Amska sent in this photo way back when, sparking the idea for this post…

Finally, play Quatchi’s Shootout Shutout while you can, ’cause rumors abound that the whole Vancouver2010.com site will disappear come 2011…

I love the game’s never-say-die attitude: even if you don’t make a single save, it still says, “Looks like you’re getting the hang of it.”


I grabbed this rare, non-goalie Quatchi still from Meomi’s Mascots Reel posted in February 2011…

— Steve


4 responses to “Quatchi Loves Hockey!

  1. Olympic torch bearer 086

    Hey Steve, How did you manage to get the pics from Quatchi’s shootout games on the website? I tried to get as many pics as possible from the website before it goes. Did Meomi keep a copy of the game for their archives? They will be the only to save those lovely Flash format games.

  2. I played this game for the first time today and it is definitely fun. Although you can’t get to it anymore using http://www.vancouver2010.com it is still accessible (for now anyway) at IP address

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