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Quatchi Political Cartoons #2


From today’s Vancouver Province.

Here’s our first batch.

— Steve


Quatchi is Hurt!

Found here.

— Steve

Quatchi at Olympic Tent Village

An angry Quatchi, wearing skull earmuffs and wielding a bloody hatchet, with dollar signs and a chopped-down tree on his belly, appears on this protest banner that’s now outside the Olympic Tent Village. Miga looks like Hitler.

Photo by luv and revolution.

— Steve

Quatchi Video Roundup #5

Où est Quatchi?

MPR529 filmed this scoreboard guessing game at General Motors Place Canada Hockey Place. I can’t figure out how to embed it, so watch it here.

This appears to be the full Meet the Mascots on Ice program, filmed by IChooseYouZubat. Skip ahead to the four-minute mark to see Quatchi’s big entrance — I love the part where he gets helped into his hockey sweater.

There are a ton of YouTube videos of people goofing around with mascot plushes. Here, Kate Spiller compiles photos of her Quatchi plush at locations and events all around town.

Lastly, as we’ve said before, not everybody loves Quatchi. Fair enough, but must he be beaten with a shovel, run over by a car, and set on fire? From adsump.

In the next installment of Quatchi Video Roundup, I hope to have footage of Quatchi rocking out at tonight’s Devo concert!

Wishful thinking to be sure, but you never know.

— Steve

Quatchi is Sad!

From stffnie.

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #12

Joseph at blobfarm illustrated this homeless Quatchi , explaining, “I respect the athletes and their dedication, this is a comment on the incredible cost of the games and how it’s affected local communities. On with the hilarity!”

Miga’s on there too. Sumi, and possibly Mukmuk, are forthcoming… Thanks Joseph!

— Steve

Quatchi Signs!

There are currently a bunch of signs around Vancouver showing the mascot trio with “Welcome” in a variety of languages (the one above is in Greek). This guy Stv is trying to photograph them all, as documented with his cool flickr set.

Turning from official signage to guerrilla art, Travis Nicholson! spotted this flyer on a phone pole — for whatever reason, dialing the number connects you to the Olympics Volunteer Information Center Centre…

Lastly, raincoaster snapped this flyer promoting last Friday’s pre-opening ceremonies protest…

Curiously, Squatchi was apparently absent from this protest, as well as from the Poverty Olympics. However, “The Mascot Formerly Know as Quatchi” does weigh in on the 2010 Welcoming Committee site:

I was a good mascot. I worked hard. Parades, corporate meet and greets, children’s parties, you name it, I was there. But then I asked the wrong question “If this is the green Olympics why did you blow up Eagle Ridge and destroy the Callahan valley? I have cousins that live in those forests.”

I was tasered and locked up under orders of a VANOC security certificate. It seems mascots are another one of those things not covered by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

They put an evil robot Quatchi in my place.

Don’t worry; I’m safe now. I escaped. And after a few days wandering the alleys of Vancouver hanging out with other folks who have been displaced by the games, I met up with people who were concerned about more than just getting rich. The kind activists of the Anti-Poverty Committee found me a new home, and a new job as official mascot for the 2010 Welcoming Committee.

I also have a new name, Squatchi, to honour the tradition of homeless people squatting in buildings abandoned by their owners, and because the International Olympic Committee owns my old name. I’m afraid they might lock me up again before I can return to my family and once again roam the wild and free mountain forests of the Salish coast.

Join me on Friday February 12 at 3 PM at the Vancouver Art Gallery for a festival of free speech, free games and free food and then a protest parade to greet the torch as it arrives at BC Place Stadium. It’s time for supporters of social and environmental justice to stand up, be counted and take back our city

P.S. Stay away from the evil robot Quatchi; he is dangerous and also smells bad.


If you can’t read it, this wanted poster reads: “Big and Furry call himself ‘Squatchi’. Dangerous subversive leftist liar… Call Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit… (604) 247-8600.”

That’s the ISU’s Media Relations number. Found here.

— Steve