About Quatchi Watch

This is a blog about Quatchi, a shy sasquatch from British Columbia who is also a mascot for the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics. Find out more about him here.


22 responses to “About Quatchi Watch

  1. love quatchi, and PETA…. grow up, what has Quatchi done to you

  2. I’m seriously worried about you. But irregardless, nice blog! :p

  3. hey i love quatchi hes my fav i love him hes my idol

  4. Hey guys,
    I’m the Quatchi Kid and I’m trying my best to meet Big Quatchi. Can you help me? Here is my story so far: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=151470&id=318387868563&l=65f25c99e6


  5. quatchi watch is awesome!

  6. Olympic Torchbearer 86

    About the picture taken while a protest against the Olympic Village:
    I am very sad to see those people using Quatchi, Miga and Sumi in a very poor design with those awful symbols on (no need to describe them). Even if some acts and practices made by VANOC are questionable and not ethical at its most, people against the games or against any part of it should not use the mascots and turn them into horrible images. I can’t stand that.

  7. Olympic Torchbearer 86

    I have spent a very good time furing the Games and now that it’s over, I miss Quatchi and Miga and Sumi and Mukmuk. I hope that VANOC will not ditch the mascots suits into landfills because it’s such a very nice souvenir and a major part of the Vancouver Olympic heritage. I talked to a volunteer today when I met the mascots again and she said she believed the suits would be put in a museum. I hope so too. Yet, I am very tempted to get Quatchi’s.

  8. I have uploaded a Mascot video here:

    It is a transition clip between commercials and the programme in Hong Kong. Does anyone know if this is the full version, or a longer version exists?

    • Wow–this is awesome! Thank you so much for sending it! I’ve never seen that before.

      • Johnson Lau

        This is from Hong Kong CableTV. I think this is provided by OBS but not every TV stations use it. At least I know the CCTV of China does not. The Hong Kong CableTV also broadcast original OBS signals on their website, but this clip was not used.

  9. Also, is there any different versions (e.g. with different sports)?

  10. Feel free to use our photos for your ‘Travels with Quatchi’ feature.

    Great blog!

  11. Feel free to use my Quatchi in Korea pics

  12. I love you blog and it has inspired me to make one of my own. Check out my blog pics at: http://www.quatchifan2010.wordpress.com

    Thanks for starting his awesome blog! Quatchi and I watch it everyday!

  13. Hey! I made a Quatchi video! 😀 I thought maybe you’d get a kick out of it as you seem to love Quatchi as much as I do! 😀

  14. LOVE THE VIDEO! Thanks!

  15. Hi Steve & Eliza,
    I’ve linked Quatchi Watch up on my newly created “Quatchi Mania!” page! 😉

    Here’s the link: http://superquatchi.wordpress.com/quatchi-mania/

    Thanks for all the interesting Quatchi updates even long after the Olympics are over! 😀

    superquatchi 🙂

  16. Olympic torch bearer 086

    A superb video with “We’re having fun in 2010” theme. A very nice way to remember Quatchi, Sumi and Miga.


  17. I love Quatchi! Don’t forget that it is 30 days until Quatchi’s 3rd birthday!!! Nov 27th is the day they unveiled the mascots.

  18. I love Quatchi! Don’t forget that it is 30 days until Quatchi’s 3rd birthday!!! Nov 27th is the day they unveiled the mascots.

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