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Quatchi is Delicious #4

Feast your peepers on this killer b-day cake:

It’s a “chocolate root beer cake with coffee whipped ‘mousse’ filling, covered with chocolate and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and topped off with rice krispie earmuffs and feet!” Read more about it, and see a couple more cool pix, here.

Another cake

A gingerbread house

A cookie

And some cupcakes

In case you missed it, Eliza made me my own Quatchi birthday cake last summer…

She also made another cake for our opening ceremonies party…

Yum. And if you missed Eliza’s previous entries in this series, looky here:

Quatchi is Delicious!

Quatchi is Delicious #2

Quatchi is Delicious #3


Another cupcake, found here.

— Steve


Quatchi Is Delicious #3

This Quatchi cake by Alyssa Fahlman is amazing. Not only is it beautifully detailed, but Quatchi is sitting up!

I like his mitten-paws:

You can watch him being decapitated here:

This great cake was made for a baby’s birthday celebration:

The Cake-ka-tiers made these fun mascot cupcakes:

And finally, Baking With Sneakers had these delish Quatchi cupcakes:

Here’s Quatchi enjoying one:


quatchy, sr. salchiicha ii papaz…?

What the hell is this!?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Found here.

— Steve

Quatchi Is Delicious #2

We’ve come across so many great Quatchi baked goods since the first Quatchi Is Delicious. Check ’em all out.

Beautiful frosted cookies from Marian at Sweetopia:

She includes a step-by-step illustrated how-to, and it looks like you need steady hands to make these. On flickr, corrosiveheart has this amazing Quatchi cake:

Here’s a closeup of Quatchi:

Chahira has these lovely mascot figures on her blog, including Quatchi! They’re made of fondant and entirely edible:

Linette has a great post on how to make these fun Quatchi cupcake toppers:

That’s a craft I think I’m going to have to try. And finally a GIANT cupcake (I think it’s actually cake-sized) from Alison via Quatchi’s Facebook page:

Keep on baking, and send us photos of your Quatchi treats!


Where’s Quatchi!?!?

Quatchi and his gang were nowhere to be seen during the stupid pageantry of last night’s opening ceremonies — yawn! But that didn’t stop us from having fun with our pals at our own opening ceremonies get-together.

For the occasion, we made these felt Quatchi pennants.

And Eliza baked a yummy chocolate Quatchi “Vancover” cake — her second Quatchi cake, after the one she made last summer for my 40th birthday.

Jonas seemed to enjoy it.


Here’s a better look at the cake:

And here’s firefighter Jonas with his pennant:

Thanks JP!


Looks like these guys had fun too.

— Steve

Quatchi Is Delicious!

Let’s celebrate Quatchi through baked goods! Here is an amazing Quatchi cupcake:

A dizzying array of Quatchi faces:

Another Quatchi cupcake, with pink earmuffs instead of blue:

And here’s the whole mascot gang topping a cake:

This Christmas brought some Quatchi in gingerbread form. Here’s a whole Olympic scene:

And a closeup:

Here’s another ginger-Quatchi, a little beefier looking than the one above:

And finally, here is my own humble contribution to the genre–a Quatchi cake I made last summer for Steve’s birthday:

— Eliza