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Quatchi Video Roundup #7

Above is a cool clip from Hong Kong TV, using the animated segments from the iPhone Winter Olympics app.

Below, Elise and Derek interviewed Quatchi and Miga during the games, asking some hardball questions: “What’s the deal with Mukmuk?” “Do you like kung fu movies?” “Why don’t you wear pants?” The mascots remain mum, but bounce around with mute enthusiasm…

Quatchi was apparently snubbed once again at last night’s Paralympic Games opening ceremony, but the underrated/under-appreciated Sumi got in on the action — skip ahead to the 3:20 mark…

We crack up every time we hear the whispery “Soooh-meee.”

Finally, this won’t embed, but it’s worth a look to see “Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages: Designer Steven Heller traces the evolution of the tiny symbols for each Olympic sport since their appearance in 1936.” Too bad he singles out Quatchi as “ridiculous,” and when he says “Quatchi the Sasquatch,” he pronounces “Quatchi” like “catchy,” yet he still says “Saquatch” correctly. At least he didn’t say “Catchy the Sascatch.”

— Steve