Monthly Archives: August 2010

Quatchi iPhone Clips!

In response to this post, a kind Quatchi Watch reader sent us the cool animated clips that used to be on the Winter Olympics iPhone app. I stitched them together, added a snappy tune, and voilĂ !

Thanks, Johnson!

— Steve


Quatchi in the News!

Today the Globe and Mail and other Canadian media outlets are running this story about tax dollars paying for the mascots’ pre-Olympics tour…

The federal government spent $16,000 to buy its own set of Quatchi, Miga and Sumi costumes to dazzle crowds at more than 23 events over the year leading up to the Games… The government also spent $4,650 to train actors to play the carefully crafted characters that were a major success of the Olympic marketing machine… The total budget for outfits, training and travel was $88,849.

The article doesn’t say whether Quatchi flew in first class or coach.

3-D Quatchi!

These guys are selling 3-D versions of Quatchi and the gang, presumably for computer animation projects. It doesn’t appear to be officially licensed, and it certainly isn’t designed by Meomi (Quatchi’s nose, above, is totally wrong!), so it’s probably not worth the $99.95 they’re asking.

— Steve