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Quatchi Video Roundup #6

Rob Taylor added audio and video to his “Quatchi Rap,” which we previously linked to here. This is the current link… Audio NFSW!

Here’s a cool stop-motion animation of the Quatchi Happy Meal luge toy…

Quatchi has a cameo in this clip of the mascots having tea at Victoria’s Empress Hotel…

This comes from the several amusing videos starring Mukmuk featured on the TourismVictoriaBC YouTube channel.

Finally, this hardly counts as a video. In any case, the image here comes from this non-embeddable clip.

— Steve


Quatchi’s Sport of the Day: Luge!

— Steve

Quatchi Video Roundup #4

This kid shows the materials she used to make Quatchi out of construction paper…

A jazzy promotional video produced by Omega, “Official Timekeeper” of the Olympics…

Quatchi tends goal in this choreographed hockey game, knocking away an invisible puck…

I made this blurry video showing Quatchi’s random animated appearances on the free iPhone app 2010Guide – Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games: The Official Mobile Spectator Guide

Programming note: On tonight’s Simpsons, Homer and Marge go to Vancouver as members of the American Olympic curling team. I had faint hopes that Quatchi would have a cameo, but instead they referenced a fictional mascot named Chillbert.


Here’s closeup of a Chillbert pin — he’s “one of the four winter games mascots.” We don’t get to see the other three.

— Steve