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Quatchi Fan Art #54

I can’t track down to where I found this — my apologies to the artist.


The artist is Samantha Herle. Turns out we previously posted her sweet drawing in Quatchi Fan Art #11, but hey, it was worth a second look!

— Steve


Quatchi Fan Art #53

By peetietang.

There’s also Quatchewok.


The above art inspired the folks at Quatchifan2010 to do this…

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #52

By tivari.

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #51

Photo by ccjessica.

— Steve

Quatchi Munny

Found here.

— Steve

Quatchi Has No Mittens!

Joe Rayment snapped this cool photo during the Olympics and put it on his site. He describes it thusly: “Part way through the games, stores started to run out of the red Olympic mittens. This sign was at a kiosk in Live City Yaletown toward the end of the two weeks.”

Thanks, Joe!

Quatchi Fan Art #50

Go to this site and then hit the space bar to look through images (by Penguinsrock).

— Steve