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Quatchi Watch Makes News!

Quatchi Watch made the news today! Check it out:

Shawna Richer of the The Globe & Mail wrote about the mysterious appeal of Quatchi, and Quatchi Watch got a sweet mention right up at the top! Check out the whole article right here.

If anyone up north wants to send us a hard copy, we’d be totally thrilled! Just leave a comment and we’ll send you our address.

— Eliza


Celebrities Love Quatchi!

That’s Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles with Quatchi in Vancouver on November 7.

Three weeks later, on November 28, socialite Paris Hilton picked up a monster plush Quatchi in the Whistler Olympics gift shop…

Then the actual Quatchi, along with Sumi, pose with Paris in the Whistler Village…

Be careful, guys! Or you will get crabs!!

Finally, here’s Quatchi in New York on December 2, giving another monster plush version of himself to Al Roker on The Today Show

In the video, a startled Roker tells Quatchi he looks like an Ewok.


Sandra Oh, speed skater Catherine Raney and Meredith Viera love Quatchi too. Found here.


Tamara Taggart, weather forecaster on Vancouver’s CTV affiliate, appeared on Regis Philbin’s show last August, giving him a Quatchi. Found here.

— Steve