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Cats Love Quatchi!

Above, Quatchi and Mouse. Below, Quatchi and Cochise.

A couple of Quatchi Watch classic reprints: “Quatchi Riding On The Cat,” found here

…and with our upstairs neighbor, Cinders:

Quatchi hangs out with another neighbor cat, Stumpy, so named because of the tail he’s missing (or never had). Stumpy loves ham!

Finally, here’s a cat named Quatchi, and cat named Quatchie [sic].

Don’t forget — dogs love Quatchi too!


With Gwen:


Attacked by Jenkins:

A safe distance from some cat in a Portland store:

With Miga and Buddy:

— Steve


Animals Love Quatchi!

Be they cats




…or lizards

…animals love Quatchi!

So do pufferfish, elephants, and dogs — many funny dog updates since this was first posted in January.

— Steve