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Quatchi Sells Out #2

Quatchi has a Panasonic VCR…

…eats Saputo cheese…

…runs up his Visa card…

…and uses Bell Canada’s telecommunication services.

Here is the first entry in the series.

— Steve


Quatch Watch Update!

Since we last visited the cool blog Quatch Watch, Sammers’ Q has watched the Super Bowl…

Celebrated Chinese New Year’s…

And played with his Happy Meal toys…

In other blog news, My Life in a Nutshell has started a “Where in the World is Quatchi?” contest. It began yesterday, with this puzzler

Um… Is it Miami?


The Cryptomundo blog has been looking at Quatchi from a cryptozoological perspective — here’s Cryptomundo’s latest Quatchi post.

— Steve

Quatchi Video Roundup #4

This kid shows the materials she used to make Quatchi out of construction paper…

A jazzy promotional video produced by Omega, “Official Timekeeper” of the Olympics…

Quatchi tends goal in this choreographed hockey game, knocking away an invisible puck…

I made this blurry video showing Quatchi’s random animated appearances on the free iPhone app 2010Guide – Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games: The Official Mobile Spectator Guide

Programming note: On tonight’s Simpsons, Homer and Marge go to Vancouver as members of the American Olympic curling team. I had faint hopes that Quatchi would have a cameo, but instead they referenced a fictional mascot named Chillbert.


Here’s closeup of a Chillbert pin — he’s “one of the four winter games mascots.” We don’t get to see the other three.

— Steve

Quatchi Sells Out!

The above statue is part of an interactive Samsung display in Vancouver’s Pacific Center Centre shopping mall (photo by kwazy). On a nearby high-rise is a giant, four-story Quatchi in another Samsung ad (photo by beth77)…

Quatchi further promotes Samsung here.

When Quatchi has a sniffle, he takes Cold-FX

He also uses General Electric light bulbs…

…drinks Coke…

…eats Cheerios

…and enjoys Wonder Bread.

He’s also in cahoots with Visa, Bell Canada, and McDonald’s.

Note to Quatchi: After the Olympics are over, when you have more free time, you should check out No Logo and Adbusters.

— Steve

Quatchi at McDonald’s™

Quatchi isn’t above shilling for the fast-food behemoth, or several other corporate Olympic sponsors that we’ll cover later. On the upside are these cool Happy Meal™ toys, now available at Canadian McDonald’s™.

There are eight different figures, with Quatchi in four of them. These fine folks sure seem to be enjoying theirs.

We’re probably not gonna go up to Canada ’til long after the Olympics are over, so if any of our Canadian readers are inclined to send us any or all of these, we’d love to have ’em!

Note to Quatchi: After the Olympics are over, when you have more free time, you should check out Food, Inc. and Fast Food Nation.

Also, don’t trust Hamburglar™.

Top photo from sonson.

— Steve