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Quatchi Video Roundup #10

The fine folk(s) at Quatchi & Friends scooped us on some cool fan-made, non-embeddable cartoons. We’ve linked to Francis Chartrand’s Quatchi à Whistler before, but Vincent Laforest’s Quatchi à la découverte du monde (still image above) and Frédéric Giroux’s Quatchi aux Jeux Olympiques (below) are both new to us.

This clip has a some great footage of Quatchi and Miga goofing off during a typical Olympics day at Whistler:

And here’s some 3-D fun in this TV commercial:

— Steve


Attention iPhone Users!

Perhaps you got the iPhone app “2010Guide – Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games”? The one where Quatchi, Miga, and Mukmuk appear in funny animated bits when you shake the phone?

Well, Apple’s iTunes Store probably alerted you that the app has a free upgrade, but if you get it (like I foolishly did), you’ll find that it no longer features the animations. So, it gets a big stinky raspberry from QuatchiWatch.

Back in February I recorded how the app works in the crappy video above, so at least there’s some lasting footage. Also, some of those animations are incorporated into this much clearer video, which we’ve posted before.

Caveat emptor, people.

— Steve

“Shave Your Quatchi”?

Though it never occurred to me, I suppose this is one way to keep Quatchi cool during these dog days of summer.

Slideshow here.

— Steve

“Man touching Quatchi’s nipple”

Hey, that man is me!

This comes from a newish blog I just stumbled across, Quatchi & Friends. Not much on there, just some photos sans commentary, like the one above (what’s that thing with the sun head?). However, they’ve posted more stuff than we have in the past month, so we’ve added them to our Blogroll (at right).

BWT, I wasn’t consciously touching Quatchi’s nipple (assuming he even has nipples). It’s just where my hand happened to land while giving him a demi-hug.

— Steve

Quatchi Celebrates Canada Day!

— Steve