Monthly Archives: April 2010

Quatchi Fan Art #38

The Big O by jessathegreat.

— Steve


Quatchi Merch Roundup #3

Let’s begin with this blue scarf, featuring a weird blue Quatchi:

Next up is this Quatchi syrup:

Photo courtesy of Michael Francis McCarthy, from his flickr set of Vancouver 2010 souvenirs. He also has a cool Quatchi post on his designKULTUR blog.

I’d wear this nifty sweater, by Aritzia:

Let’s not forget the ever-popular Quatchi slippers. At Vancouver’s Bay Olympics store I snapped this shot of a display rack filled with ’em, forming a veritable Quatchi army:

Finally, this sweet Quatchi wallet is sure to be empty after buying all this great stuff!

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #37

“GO TEAM CANADA” by MamoruAwayuki.

— Steve

Empire State of Mind (feat. Quatchi)

We’re visiting family and friends on the East Coast this week, so we’re taking a Quatchi Watch break. At least ’til we’re back in Seattle next week.

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #36

“Mascots Plus Two B-W” by NoSecretAtAll.

— Steve

Pufferfish Love Quatchi!

So do elephants!

Both from Thailand, both from Life with Mika, found here and here.


And so do parrots!

“Trooper and Quatchi” by tarastrid.

And so does this baby elephant, along with an adult elephant and what appears to be a duck, at Disney World!


Max the Bunny loves Quatchi!

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #35

“PATENT PENDING” by SquidProQuo.

— Steve