Random Quatchi Images #2!

Eliza drew the above Quatchi on wax paper around a sandwich she made for my lunch (!); below, Quatchi chases Miga for oversize novelty tickets…

Susana finds Quatchi frolicking in Vancouver’s Chinatown…

While KittyCat321 finds evidence of Quatchi love…

Quatchi helps with the laundry at women’s hockey by tarbot (apparently spotted on a giant video screen, otherwise, I don’t know the context)…

Skonen_blades spotted some Quatchi and Sumi prizes in a claw toy game…

Quatchi and Miga travel in style…

I love this umbrella photo by cheukiecfu

Finally, click this for a NWSF Quatchi sex picture (on second thought, the image was in relatively poor taste for this blog, so I removed the link)… And click this for our first post of Random Quatchi Images!

— Steve


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