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Quatchi Fan Art #49

Veteran to a Newbie, by coppergal24.

— Steve


Animals Love Quatchi!

Be they cats




…or lizards

…animals love Quatchi!

So do pufferfish, elephants, and dogs — many funny dog updates since this was first posted in January.

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #48

Found here.

— Steve

Quatchi of the Damned


Found here.

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #47

hongcouver2010 by Kotsumi.

— Steve

Quatchi Watch Needs Your Help!

Hi guys —

I just got a new Mac and have been transferring stuff over from my old Mac, but somewhere in the shuffle I lost the cool wallpaper depicted above. I downloaded it a couple years ago from the Vancouver2010 site, which has remained up for these few months since the Olympics ended, but now the site is “undergoing maintenance” (geez, I hope this doesn’t mean it’ll soon be gone for good).

Anyway, does anybody have a copy of this wallpaper they could email me? It would need to be at least 1280×800 to properly fit my screen. If so, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks a squillion — Steve


Commenters Johnson and Heather hooked me up, so I’m good to go. You guys rock!

Quatchi Fan Art #46

Don’t know the story behind this, but I like it.

— Steve