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Goodnight, Quatchi!

It’s a bittersweet evening here at QW HQ.

No Quatchi at the closing ceremonies, but at this point we’re not surprised. Still, as the games wore on, we did see him lurking around the margins of our TV screen, whether on digital scoreboards, or being hurled at figure skaters after their routines, or plastered on the sides of Zambonis, like the ones clearing the ice at today’s historic gold medal hockey game.

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics have now ended, as has Quatchi’s moment in the sun. Sure, he’ll probably hang around for the Vancouver Winter Paralympics (running March 12-21), though that event will receive far less attention, and Sumi will be the star of that show anyhow. So what happens after that?

Our best guess, sadly, is that Quatchi will fade away, like all the Olympic mascots before him. But we hope not. We hope the character will continue and thrive in some other context. Regardless, this blog will continue as long as interest in Quatchi does, as long as people collect Quatchi memorabilia, create Quatchi arts and crafts, bake Quatchi goods, and so forth. In the meantime, unless some completely amazing, unexpected Quatchi development arises, we’re gonna take at least the next few days off.

We’ve had great fun with this project, and we’re grateful for all the attention it’s received. In the 59 days since we began this blog, on New Year’s Day, we’ve made 113 posts, nearly two per day. During the 17-day run of the games, we’ve averaged over 800 hits per day, including a bizarro 4,192-hit spike on Friday — a very Pete Rose-type number — which we can’t account for…

Big thanks to everyone who’s read our blog, commented on it, linked to it, and sent cool material for us to post. Extra-monster thanks to Meomi, who dreamed up Quatchi and his mascot pals in the first place, for this blog wouldn’t even exist without their delightful creations. We were particularly flattered by the vote of confidence Meomi recently posted on their Facebook page: “A shout out to the lovely folks at Quatchiwatch who’s tireless efforts include all things Quatchi good, bad, and weird! ^__^ Love it.”

For now, we’ll once again link to Meomi’s killer mascots cartoon, the one that made us fall in love with Quatchi to begin with…

Goodnight Quatchi!

— Steve and Eliza

Quatchi Video Roundup #6

Rob Taylor added audio and video to his “Quatchi Rap,” which we previously linked to here. This is the current link… Audio NFSW!

Here’s a cool stop-motion animation of the Quatchi Happy Meal luge toy…

Quatchi has a cameo in this clip of the mascots having tea at Victoria’s Empress Hotel…

This comes from the several amusing videos starring Mukmuk featured on the TourismVictoriaBC YouTube channel.

Finally, this hardly counts as a video. In any case, the image here comes from this non-embeddable clip.

— Steve

Quatchi Crafts #2

You might have seen the Quatchi crafts that we enjoyed making, and it looks like some other people have been having fun with their own Quatchi crafts. This kid looks pretty stoked about his Quatchi paper bag craft:

Sue of I Purr-Furr to Craft made some awesome plush mascot figures. Here’s Quatchi solo:

And with his mascot crew:

And Weebill has this interesting bead craft of Quatchi’s face:


Quatchi Lights Up Scoreboards!

Been finding losta pictures of Quatchi on the scoreboards at various Olympic venues. He tells fans what to do, such as…

Make some noise!

Found here.

Now shut up!!

Found here.

Make noise again!!!

Found here.

Alright, see ya!

Found here; top image found here.

— Steve

Quatchi’s Sport of the Day: Hockey!

— Steve

Quatchi is Hurt!

Found here.

— Steve

Quatchi Happy Meal Toy Instructions!

I’m amused by these little instruction sheets showing how to operate the Quatchi McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, though I’m even more amused by the toys themselves…

— Steve