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Quatchi’s Halloween in October!

Shanny & D help Quatchi celebrate his first “Quatchoween” with some cool “Quatch-o-lanterns” (above), and Shrinky-Dinks (below — why not “Quatchi Dinks”?). Anyway, see it all here.

We’ve posted this before — a Quatchi jack o’ lantern by Natalie Bajalcaliev White — but it’s worth a second look:

Also worth an encore is this killer Quatchi jack by Grace Lin:

See also Quatchi’s Halloween in January! and Quatchi’s Halloween in February!

— Steve


Quatchi Halloween Costumes!


Halloween is just around the corner!

Time to start working on your Quatchi costume, like the ones modeled by Immy (top), Imogen (middle), and this kid (right).

More here and here, and of course, The Quatchi Kid.

— Steve

Your Attention Please: The Quatchi Kid!

Looks like Squatchi has a new Quatchi-inspired rival in town, and his name is the Quatchi Kid.

We first showed him down at the bottom of our Quatchi’s Halloween in January post. As it turns out, he’s got his own Facebook page, featuring the funny Adventures of Quatchi the Kid photo album. His raison d’├¬tre is to meet “his long lost brother, Big Quatchi.” In the meantime, he seems happy cruising around Vancouver, having his photo snapped by his new fans.

The Kid’s real name is Julian, and the costume was originally made for Halloween by his mom, Janette. Be sure to check out these additional Quatchi Kid pics on flickr.

— Steve

OMG! Quatchi’s on Facebook!!

There are currently 48 profiles with the name “Quatchi” in them, but there’s only one official Quatchi Facebook profile.

He’s apparently too busy these days to post much himself, but his 3,023 fans (including Eliza and I) have been pretty active. Check out yet another jack o’ lantern, this one by Natalie Bajalcaliev White

…and an Obama-esque image by Denise Caruso

Steve Mandich likes this.

— Steve

Quatchi’s Halloween in February!

Beaucoup thanks to Lauren C, who submitted this photo of her awesome jack o’ lantern – check the glowing blue earmuffs!

And here’s a sweet collector’s item — a Quatchi and Miga Halloween pin!

For anyone who missed it last week/month, here’s Quatchi’s Halloween in January.

— Steve

Quatchi’s Halloween in January!

Today is January 31 — three months since Halloween ’09, nine months ’til Halloween ’10 — reason enough to celebrate Quatchi’s impact on the coolest of all holidays!


For starters, here’s Meomi’s Dracula Quatchi vampire…


Down below, a couple of bitchin’ jack o’ lanterns, from sharonpiekarski and Grace Lin

Two dorky costumes, from le petit ├ęcureuil and some misplaced source…

And this killer baby costume — with accompanying video — from Janetterie


— Steve