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Quatchi’s Sport of the Day: Wheelchair Curling!

— Steve

Quatchi’s Sport of the Day: Curling!

— Steve

Quatchi Sells Out!

The above statue is part of an interactive Samsung display in Vancouver’s Pacific Center Centre shopping mall (photo by kwazy). On a nearby high-rise is a giant, four-story Quatchi in another Samsung ad (photo by beth77)…

Quatchi further promotes Samsung here.

When Quatchi has a sniffle, he takes Cold-FX

He also uses General Electric light bulbs…

…drinks Coke…

…eats Cheerios

…and enjoys Wonder Bread.

He’s also in cahoots with Visa, Bell Canada, and McDonald’s.

Note to Quatchi: After the Olympics are over, when you have more free time, you should check out No Logo and Adbusters.

— Steve