Dogs Love Quatchi!

Above, Quatchi and Mango get along fine (from DiscoMobile)…

While an unnamed pooch licks Quatchi’s foot (from iPanda)…

Raymond gives Quatchi’s armpit a gentle love bite (from Robyn S)…

And Walter goes for the full-on facial mauling (from Sarah_n_carmac).

Not yet clear how cats feel about Quatchi, but our upstairs neighbor Cinders looks skeptical.

A couple more Quatchi plush reviews, leftover from the post below:

chrisbchewy from Vancouver: The only con that I am aware of is that the plush Quatchi was also attractive to the family dog and got slobbered.

Jeffy from Whistler: Kids will love it. So will the Dog

Were these reviews helpful to you? Yes/No.


Terra Renton’s Kokanee hugs/chomps on Quatchi, found here.


Quatchi and Miss Sunshade. This, along with many more goofy photos, found here.


Sawyer and Quatchi, found here.


Jackson and Quatchi, from Shanny & D.


Zoe hates Quatchi (video won’t embed, thank Christ). Mao Mao isn’t much better.


Quatchi and Lucky.


Quatchi and Tina (above)… Watch Quatchi make this doggie in the window go mental:


With some sled dogs.


With Nelly.

– Steve


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