Quatchi on the Road #3

Holy smokes! Sammers’ Q has been China (above), as well as Chicago

…and Montréal:

Meanwhile, Shanny & D took Quatchi to Paris:

And some other folks took him south to Cusco, Peru:

Lastly, my sister Linda sent me this picture of Quatchi’s visit to Yellowstone National Park:

But she really just took a picture of Quatchi and then pasted it onto another picture she took at Yellowstone. Pretty sneaky, sis.


Here’s Quatchi in Bangkok:

And back in China, this time in Ningbo:


A visit to Sydney:

— Steve


3 responses to “Quatchi on the Road #3

  1. Quatchis make great travelling partners!

  2. Yes, they do! They also give you a new perspective on it as well!

  3. Great to see someone is continuing the Quatchi love- I came to love Quatchi after the Olympics were already over, buying the medium sized plush on sale sometime in April. I now own a ton of Quatchi plushes, want to collect the Quatchi holiday pins (know of any good sites?), and am in the middle of converting my computer’s desktop to a Quatchi theme.

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