Quatchi vs. London 2012 Mascots

Two words: shit sandwich.

Winner: Quatchi!

Photo by Big Dave Diode.

— Steve


7 responses to “Quatchi vs. London 2012 Mascots

  1. Seriously, what were they thinking? Not even in the same league as Quatchi.

  2. Olympic torch bearer 086

    At 1st sight, I was thinking: where are they going to ?. I went on the London 2012 website and I saw a video, and it’s kinda cute. And it says ‘to be continued’. So I assume that there will be other stories or videos… VANOC should have presented lots of episodes with Quatchi.

  3. Happy to see that Quatchi is still the best Mascot /Olympic Mascot ever, but then again, they couldn’t top him even if they tried.

  4. Olympic torch bearer 086

    Their design is not appealing but I’ll tell you 1 thing. By the video they put about them, Mandeville and Wenlock will attract many people despite their lack of cuddleness.

  5. I agree. I like the animation, but I really find the live mascots way too creepy! It is like Monsters Inc, gone wrong!!!!

  6. Michael Miyamoto

    BTW the is Quatchi in the pic in that link

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