Anarchist Quatchi!

We somehow missed this gem from July 2009, from the Blackbird’s most excellent 2010 Olympic Mascot Mayhem flickr set. That’s Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit Chief Operating Officer Bud Mercer in the Vancouver City Hall Council Chambers, displaying an image of Quatchi’s masked gang wielding Molotov cocktails. He got the picture off the Internet, though I can’t seem to find it myself (I guess that’s why he’s the security chief and I’m not). Apparently he thought the mascots would be some sort of terror threat — the woman seated to his right looks mighty worried.

Thanks, Blackbird!

— Steve


Free Quatchi! Again!

Another weekend, another mascot blowout.

— Steve

Happy Birthday, Quatchi!

Big thanks to commenter Lauren C. for reminding us that today is Quatchi’s third birthday!

More accurately, it’s the third anniversary of the unveiling of the Olympic mascots, but close enough!

Yeah, I know the picture above says “HappY 2ND BiRTHDaY”… Anybody wanna Photoshop it up to date?

— Steve

Free Quatchi!

Also, $2.99 oven mitts!

This weekend only!

— Steve

Quatchi’s Halloween in October!

Shanny & D help Quatchi celebrate his first “Quatchoween” with some cool “Quatch-o-lanterns” (above), and Shrinky-Dinks (below — why not “Quatchi Dinks”?). Anyway, see it all here.

We’ve posted this before — a Quatchi jack o’ lantern by Natalie Bajalcaliev White — but it’s worth a second look:

Also worth an encore is this killer Quatchi jack by Grace Lin:

See also Quatchi’s Halloween in January! and Quatchi’s Halloween in February!

— Steve

Quatchi Fan Art #53

By peetietang.

There’s also Quatchewok.


The above art inspired the folks at Quatchifan2010 to do this…

— Steve

Quatchi Halloween Costumes!


Halloween is just around the corner!

Time to start working on your Quatchi costume, like the ones modeled by Immy (top), Imogen (middle), and this kid (right).

More here and here, and of course, The Quatchi Kid.

— Steve