3-D Quatchi!

These guys are selling 3-D versions of Quatchi and the gang, presumably for computer animation projects. It doesn’t appear to be officially licensed, and it certainly isn’t designed by Meomi (Quatchi’s nose, above, is totally wrong!), so it’s probably not worth the $99.95 they’re asking.

— Steve


One response to “3-D Quatchi!

  1. Olympic torch bearer 086

    Quite pricy for a Quatchi that does not look like him. The other day, I read some news about the stock of the mascot plushes left to be bought. There are about 40,000 mascots (didn’t precise whether it was only Quatchi) left in the warehouse somewhere in Surrey or Burnaby… What are they gonna do with those leftovers ? Obviously, recession is to blame. 40,000, that’s huge !!

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