Attention iPhone Users!

Perhaps you got the iPhone app “2010Guide – Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games”? The one where Quatchi, Miga, and Mukmuk appear in funny animated bits when you shake the phone?

Well, Apple’s iTunes Store probably alerted you that the app has a free upgrade, but if you get it (like I foolishly did), you’ll find that it no longer features the animations. So, it gets a big stinky raspberry from QuatchiWatch.

Back in February I recorded how the app works in the crappy video above, so at least there’s some lasting footage. Also, some of those animations are incorporated into this much clearer video, which we’ve posted before.

Caveat emptor, people.

— Steve


4 responses to “Attention iPhone Users!

  1. Olympic torch bearer 086

    Steve, what did the update improve ? Did it bring anything new and worthy ? I have the saame on my phone and those little vids are GOLD and priceless. Thanks for the tip, cuz I wanna make sure not to lose them.

  2. Olympic torch bearer 086

    Also, did you manage to fix the app and get those vids back ?

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  4. The update didn’t seem to improve anything, though I was only interested in the little videos and never really used the app otherwise. But check this out.

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