Quatchi Crafts #3

Let’s start with this fab xmas tree ornament

This comes from mve6’s flickr photostream — click it for more Quatchi/Bigfoot goodness.

Boy howdy, do I dig this construction paper Quatchi

Sammers’ Q looks plenty smart in this scarf

As well as this mitten (I’m assuming it’s part of a pair)…

More custom mittens here…

And here

Finally, Quatchi pants

Previous Quatchi Crafts entries (both by Eliza)…

Quatchi Crafts!

Quatchi Crafts #2


The Great Sasquatch, Quatchi, made outta clay by xcalixax:

Another photo from xcalixax, with clay Miga, Sumi, Mukmuk, and a clay inukshuk.

— Steve


2 responses to “Quatchi Crafts #3

  1. Hehe! I love the pants!

    I received a Starbucks gift card in the mitten one or two Christmas’ ago. I have another one, but the thumbs are in the same direction (both are for the left hand).

  2. The pants are awesome!!

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