Quatchi’s X-Ray!

He’s the picture of perfect health!

Superquatchi recently scored a Team 2010 Pocket Guide, which contains this killer Meomi illustration… Superquatchi is also responsible for showing us this Mukmuk x-ray — both great finds!

— Steve


3 responses to “Quatchi’s X-Ray!

  1. Olympic torch bearer 086

    When I see that, Meomi should lobby to rebuy the rights of their creations…I guess that IOC will ask for millions for those rights, unfortunately.

  2. Hey Steve!

    Here is a link to a better pic of the MukMuk X-Ray pin: http://superquatchi.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/dsc077712.jpg

    This one here is a pic of my actual pin (I finally got it!!), as opposed to the one you linked being an image I’d saved off eBay of someone’s pin! 😛


  3. I love this pic of Quatchi!! Are there more in the guide??

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