Quatchi Video Roundup #9

This is the special RennieFoxie edition, beginning with CTV’s breaking coverage of the mascots’ big debut on November 27, 2007…

Shortly thereafter comes Sumi’s portion of the program…

The morning after, on November 28, the mascots appeared on CTV’s Canada AM morning show…

So who is RennieFoxie? And how did he get all this killer footage?

— Steve


5 responses to “Quatchi Video Roundup #9

  1. Olympic torch bearer 086

    Those are historic footages. Whoever posted that, please, keep them safe. This is gold, priceless. Love you, Quatchi. Quatchi for ever !

  2. Olympic torch bearer 086

    Here is another rare video of Quatchi, Miga and Mukmuk. Courtesy of Panasonic. Taken at the Robson Square. Enjoy !!

    • Olympic torch bearer 086

      I hope neither VANOC nor IOC will see that. This is a last chance to keep Quatchi alive. I fear that customs from Vancouver cease any shipment on its way to Canada. As long as the rings and Vancouver 2010 are not on the chest, it might go through customs, in another country. Quatchi for ever !

  3. I remember seeing this back in 2007!

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