Quatchi Merch Roundup #3

Let’s begin with this blue scarf, featuring a weird blue Quatchi:

Next up is this Quatchi syrup:

Photo courtesy of Michael Francis McCarthy, from his flickr set of Vancouver 2010 souvenirs. He also has a cool Quatchi post on his designKULTUR blog.

I’d wear this nifty sweater, by Aritzia:

Let’s not forget the ever-popular Quatchi slippers. At Vancouver’s Bay Olympics store I snapped this shot of a display rack filled with ’em, forming a veritable Quatchi army:

Finally, this sweet Quatchi wallet is sure to be empty after buying all this great stuff!

— Steve


2 responses to “Quatchi Merch Roundup #3

  1. Mmmmmm, syrup….


  2. Olympic torch bearer 086

    If only they had made the Aritizia cowichan like sweater for men too… Slippers are quite tight for the adult foot. -sigh- I miss you Quatchi. I love you.

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