Quatchi Video Roundup #8

A soundless cartoon of Quatchi in peril:

The dearly missed, life-sized mascots, dancing to “YMCA” and “Funkytown”:

A music video, set to “Forest Ninja” by Very Tasteful:

Some fun, non-embeddable videos: This clip has a bunch of people naming their favorite Olympics mascot… Following the ad, this clip has some Mascots on Ice action… This stop-motion plush video has original lyrics, set to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.”

Not worth embedding, interesting to see the Meomi mascots video on the jumbo screen at an Olympics cross-country event.

– Steve


5 responses to “Quatchi Video Roundup #8

  1. The second video is my fav!

  2. Olympic torch bearer 86

    Where are the mascot costumes right now ? Gone by auction ? Or in a museum ? I miss them too much…

  3. Oh man, that second video is awesome.

    Also, you NEED to embed that “Paparazzi” video. That is so totally worth it’s own post.

  4. Here is another cool video of Quatchi & Miga

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