Quatchi’s Back Again!

Some time ago, blogroller Superquatchi scored this killer Wonder Bread Quatchi plush with the hockey sweater. I wondered if its back looked the same as the number 10 sweater Quatchi wore at the Mascots on Ice show. I asked Superquatchi about it, and he she kindly linked to the above photo in his her blog’s comments… Thanks!

Then yesterday I wondered about the blue armbands on blogroller Quatchifan2010’s plush, which Sophia explained were for his backpack. Turns out she made three such backpacks, as seen on her blog today. Here’s the blue one, with the number 10 and a sweet racing stripe:

This Canadian maple leaf pack is pretty awesome too:

The third one went to yet another blogroller, Sammers, who had actually been in search of the perfect backpack — looks like she got it! Q models this classy monogrammed number:

Can’t help but imagine Quatchi wearing a backpack of himself.

Anyway, nice work, fellow Quatchi bloggers!

— Steve


3 responses to “Quatchi’s Back Again!

  1. Hey Steve!
    Nice to see my Wonder+ Quatchi’s back featured here! 😀

    And regarding your last comment about Quatchi wearing a backpack of himself.. this backpack would be the most awesome –> http://superquatchi.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/quatchiplushbackpack.jpg
    (I saw it @the Olympic Superstore before, & managed to find a pic of it on eBay today cuz your comment made me think of this! hehe)

    (p.s. i’m a ‘she’ 😛 )

  2. We’re on vacation right now and Q is making good use of his backpack! We had to come into the Apple Store to check on Quatchi Watch!

  3. Sorry, superquatch! I corrected this above.

    Here’s some kid at Whistler wearing that cool Quatchi backpack:


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