Your Attention Please: Quatchifan2010!

Please help us welcome the latest addition to our blogroll, Quatchifan2010!

The nameless blogger writes, “I am a Canadian teaching English at an Elementary School in South Korea with my husband…

…I am from Vancouver and couldn’t enjoy the Vancouver Olympics 2010 in person so Quatchi is my link…

…I love Quatchi and think that he is awesome!”

So what’s with the necklace and blue armbands?

Their well-loved Quatchi looks even grubbier than ours!

— Steve


4 responses to “Your Attention Please: Quatchifan2010!

  1. The blue armbands are for his backpack. I made him one with the number ten on it.
    LOL. Yes, he is pretty grubby, but he is definitely well loved. BIG SMILE!

  2. Oh, the necklace is just of Archangel Michael to protect him. Got it from a friend as a present to protect him from any trouble overseas. LOL

  3. Just because the blogger has no name, let it not detract from the coolness of her blog photos.

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