Quatchi Kid Update!

We first noted this anonymous kid clad in Quatchi garb in our Quatchi’s Halloween in January post. Then he started his own Facebook page and began drawing crowds at Vancouver’s Olympic venues, so we followed up with “The Quatchi Kid” in this February post. Now, not only does he have nearly 3,000 Facebook fans, but he also has a new book, The Adventures of the Quatchi Kid! Check out this preview, as well as his recent Vancouver Province profile.

A couple of other fun tidbits…

This photo by schmidtrose, depicting the adorable tyke face-to-face with a friendly pooch, is suitable for our Dogs Love Quatchi post…

…And check out the video of “Quatchi Kid in His Native Habitat,” which mostly consists of him playing in mud puddles…

For these outstanding achievements in the field of Quatchi Love™, we proudly mailed the Quatchi Kid one of our rare, hand-made Quatchi pennants — see the video.

Quatchi Kid, we salute you!

(Top photo by QK’s mom.)

— Steve


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