Quatchi at the Cauldron!

Though the Winter Olympics cauldron has been extinguished for well over a month, I can’t resist posting these killer pics, like the one above from Jonathan Teapot, or the one below from laurenrz

Here’s another by laurenrz, this one at night…

Finally, from AliceLinWonderland

At the risk of beating a moot horse, we were fairly stunned that the majestic, flame-bearing cauldron was separated from the public by ugly Jersey barriers and a cheapo chain-link fence. And this was after the site was supposedly improved within the first few days of the games, when similar complaints mounted. We didn’t bother to wait in the lengthy line for a distant, unobstructed view. Vancouver went all-out to present the games as tastefully as possible, but the cauldron’s presentation was a pathetic anomaly. End of rant.

— Steve


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