Quatchi’s Spring Cleaning!

Here’s a bunch of odds ‘n’ ends we’ve accumulated over the last few months that haven’t quite fit into previous posts, such as…

Queen Latifah bought a plush Quatchi at the Whistler luge track, according to Follow the Flame…

Kelowna.com reprinted Quatchi’s February 20 diary entry

A reporter from Montana dubs the illness she experienced during her Vancouver visit Quatchi’s Revenge

This is how Urban Dictionary defines Quatchi. While it sounds like utter nonsense, it may explain this photo

(UPDATE Or this one.)

In the essay Where Is Quatchi?, Canadian poet Priscila Uppal explains why she doesn’t like the mascots…

A funny anecdote from the March 5 Vancouver Province

A random great moment from the games: Quatchi arrives, unannounced, in the Main Press Centre. He’s big, he’s furry, he’s friendly. But he’s hated by at least one writer.

The guy, who’s pretty much the same size as the mascot, mutters: “If that f______ thing comes near me …”

At that moment, as if beckoned, Quatchi makes a beeline for the writer. Flustered, the man grabs his computer and flees. Quatchi pursues. A moment later, they’re both out of sight.

A February 26 article from the Winnipeg Free Press confirmed what we already know: Quatchi is easily the most popular Olympics mascot

Also from the Free Press, this March 16 article talks about how Quatchi and Miga were quietly retired at Olympics’ end, while Sumi is the star of the Paralympics, which end today. The story quotes VANOC spokesperson Maureen Douglas, saying “When the Games finish up, we say goodbye to the mascots… It would be a very rare occasion that they would appear again.” Sad. However she mentions that VANOC is considering putting sets of the mascot costumes in locations around Canada so people could still see them…

I’ve found many pictures of this Quatchi/Miga statue/sled display at the Samsung pavilion, but it wasn’t there the night we were (photo by Sweet One)…

Whoa — you can buy yourself a $250 Vancouver 2010 Olympics mascot Plush Quatchi Mascot costume — caveat emptor, people…

The little icon separating the items was found here.

— Steve


2 responses to “Quatchi’s Spring Cleaning!

  1. I don’t like these descriptions on Urban dictionary. Horrible!!

  2. Michael Miyamoto

    Just found you this pic. :)http://www.fantasi.net/rononyeti.png

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