Extra! Extra! Read All About Quatchi!

Above, a Godzilla-like Quatchi terrorizes Vancouver in “Attack of the Olympics,” the front-page story of the February 12-14 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper. We first spotted the image in this cool photo by Cat Segovia, who kindly scanned her copy for us and sent it in… Thanks, Cat!

Below is a pair of Quatchii reading Shawna Richer’s CTV article as it a appeared in the February 19 Globe and Mail (at least in some editions of the paper — strangely, it didn’t appear in the Vancouver edition).

Found by Lauren C. on Meomi’s Facebook page.


Also found by Lauren C., on Meomi’s flickr page


Mike Klassen persuasively argues that our boy should be Canada’s next Governor General — read here.

— Steve


2 responses to “Extra! Extra! Read All About Quatchi!

  1. Quatchi & Miga were also on the cover of the Province a few months back. It was a photo of them holding giant event tickets!!

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