Quatchi Is Delicious #3

This Quatchi cake by Alyssa Fahlman is amazing. Not only is it beautifully detailed, but Quatchi is sitting up!

I like his mitten-paws:

You can watch him being decapitated here:

This great cake was made for a baby’s birthday celebration:

The Cake-ka-tiers made these fun mascot cupcakes:

And finally, Baking With Sneakers had these delish Quatchi cupcakes:

Here’s Quatchi enjoying one:



5 responses to “Quatchi Is Delicious #3

  1. What’s worse — eating your own face or having your head chopped off?

  2. At least his face wasn’t stolen.

    Then he’d be a dirty hippy Quatchi.

  3. I still can’t bring myself to watch the beheading of Quatchi!

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