Quatchi at the Airport!

Quatchi directs travelers to the Olympic store at YVR (Vancouver International Airport). Supposedly there is/was an Olympic store here at Sea-Tac too, but we haven’t seen it.

The day after the closing ceremonies — YVR’s busiest day ever — Quatchi and Sumi made a surprise appearance at the airport, helping departing travelers with their luggage carts and hugging them goodbye. Quatchi was a little creeped out by this guy.

Photo found here.

— Steve


2 responses to “Quatchi at the Airport!

  1. It was raining mascots in Toronto Pearson Int’l when I was there the other day. SO MANY QUATCHIS! Doesn’t hurt that they’re 25% off either.

  2. Olympic torch bearer 086

    I understand the guy who hugged Quatchi at the airport. Creepy ? It’s an opinion. He knew he would never see him again. And since we know what happened to the costumes…. People who adore Quatchi would have done the same thing.

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