Quatchi Watch Road Trip, Part 2

Yesterday’s Vancouver visit was a blast! We’ve seen lots of this stuff online already (and blogged about it too), but it was cool to take it all in firsthand and capture it with our own cameras.

A four-story Quatchi on the side of the TD Tower looms over fans eagerly awaiting the Meet the Mascots on Ice show. We took in the 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. performances. Both were crammed with kids screaming at all three mascots, chanting their names, and completely losing their minds. Here’s Quatchi making his big entrance…

Moments later, in his hockey sweater, he makes a big save and brings down the house…

Between shows we had a snack at Beard Papa’s (note Quatchi on the street sign)…

Later we had lunch from Japa Dog

If all that food wasn’t enough, we hit three different McDonald’s™ and scored four different Happy Meal™ toys. We now have all the Quatchi toys, and need just two others to complete the eight-toy collection: Miga Figure Skating and Sumi Alpine Skiing. At one McDonald’s™ was this Quatchi display, so Eliza took a picture of me in it.

Here’s Eliza sporting her Quatchi hat at the cauldron…

And here she is next to a hollow plastic Quatchi, part of a Samsung display in the Pacific Center Centre mall…

We covered lots of downtown, and we saw Quatchi and the other mascots everywhere we looked — on hats, backpacks, buses, etc. It was cool. Eliza will show us a bunch of that shortly.

— Steve


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