Quatchi Knows the Way!

I love maps, I love Vancouver, and of course I love Quatchi, so I was stoked to find these lovely downloadable maps. Not very detailed, but the colors and design sure are pretty. Plus, the mascots are scattered about, like this closeup of Quatchi sharing a healthy snack with Miga in West Vancouver…

…and the two of ’em pedaling along SW Marine Drive (Quatchi’s bike helmet fits much better than the one we saw him wearing yesterday)…

Last week I worried that Quatchi had gotten lost, but now he appears back on track…

I’d be even more stoked if I could get hardcopies of these — has anyone seen ’em around?

— Steve


5 responses to “Quatchi Knows the Way!

  1. Miga’s feet don’t reach the pedals.

  2. Her feet don’t reach the crossbar!

  3. You can find those maps being handed out around the External Cauldron, I got one meself!

  4. The maps are everywhere. There is even Quatchi on the sides of a ton of buses, coach buses, bus ads, even billboards with Quatchi and Miga on Sumi’s back flying!

  5. This pdf file is even better than a hardcopy. It is vector image and you can zoom indefinitely

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