Quatchi Is Delicious #2

We’ve come across so many great Quatchi baked goods since the first Quatchi Is Delicious. Check ’em all out.

Beautiful frosted cookies from Marian at Sweetopia:

She includes a step-by-step illustrated how-to, and it looks like you need steady hands to make these. On flickr, corrosiveheart has this amazing Quatchi cake:

Here’s a closeup of Quatchi:

Chahira has these lovely mascot figures on her blog, including Quatchi! They’re made of fondant and entirely edible:

Linette has a great post on how to make these fun Quatchi cupcake toppers:

That’s a craft I think I’m going to have to try. And finally a GIANT cupcake (I think it’s actually cake-sized) from Alison via Quatchi’s Facebook page:

Keep on baking, and send us photos of your Quatchi treats!



7 responses to “Quatchi Is Delicious #2

  1. How cute! I think Quatchi deserves his own page; thanks for making one!

    Thanks for featuring my cookies too. You don’t need a steady hand (I can assure you mine is NOT), but it does take some practice and some helpful hints. If you’d like to try it out, save yourself some frustration (which I went through years ago), and check out some of my cookie decorating tutorials.

    Happy Quatchi day!

  2. http://bakingwithsneakers.blogspot.com/2010/02/sasquatch.html !!! quatchi is my favorite, he’s just so happy all the time i had to make some cupcakes DELICIOUS TOO!

  3. These look too good to eat! Great job!

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  5. I just made very rad quatchicupcakes and a big quatchcake! Bummed this blog is closed…

  6. Hey Dubin —

    Sounds awesome! Email me some photos and I’ll post them in a Quatchi Update on my other blog:



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