Seriously, Where’s Quatchi!?!?

Did Quatchi get lost? Or is he hibernating? Or is he just too painfully shy to face the crowds?

The games are already five days old, but so far we’ve seen precious little of him. He was a no-show at the opening ceremonies, and I haven’t witnessed a single frame of him during the copious amounts of NBC coverage we’ve been watching. Yet we’ve seen that horrible “We Are the World” plenty of times (frankly, once was enough), and even a Barenaked Ladies performance at the Olympics got a few minutes of national TV Tuesday night. But no Quatchi.

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed. In an online Washington Post Q&A, bobsledder Elana Meyers was asked, “Where are the mascots? Have you seen them around at all?” She responded, “Actually I haven’t seen them around yet. Strange.”

However, the tide could be turning. He has appeared on giant video screens at various venues, like the one Feminist Gold Digger spotted at the luge track. (Apparently these are the same animated clips that appear on the iPhone app.)

Then tonight I finally caught my first televised glimpse of Quatchi on a local TV news magazine, and learned he’s performing in the thrice-daily Meet the Mascots on Ice show at the GE Ice Plaza. We’re gonna make a day trip to Vancouver for that one.

Ooh, and this just in! Here’s Quatchi rocketing down the mountain, as spotted by BMcBeain1.

Wherever he’s been, we’re glad to see him getting back in the mix.

— Steve


3 responses to “Seriously, Where’s Quatchi!?!?

  1. We haven’t seen any of Quatchi on the Canadian coverage of the games either, besides spotting some fans sporting Quatchi-wear in the crowds.

  2. The ice show is insane, kids screaming for Quatchi!!!!

    There is also a pavilion where you can have a photo of you photo-shopped in with the mascots on the front cover of the local paper. Kinda cool…

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