Quatchi Rocks!

If he’s not wearing his earmuffs, most likely he’s wearing headphones, like when spinning discs for the Miga Moves game (above).

And here’s MC Quatchi, found at Mad Hatter’s Neverland.

In this photo by moody_younes, Quatchi’s probably listening to An Anthem for 2010 by DarrenBarefoot.

If that’s not enough, DJ Quatchi has his own internet radio station at Blip.fm.

Kick out the jams, Quatchi!

Continuing with the musical theme, here’s The Quatchi Rap, written by Rob Taylor:

All you motherfuckers better sit ‘er down and watch, see
‘Cause DAMN! Here comes a rap about Olympic mascot Quatchi!
His powder-blue earmuffs pimp him out like Liberace
He blazes down the rink like that shit is a hibachi!

Forget the barbecue, let’s get back to the Sasquatch, he
Bangs so many chicks that you need a Fibonacci
Sequence to keep track: 2, 3, 5, 8 – this shit’s debauch’ry!
He’s had his way with women from Vancouver to Karachi!

But after the Olympics there’ll be no more love for Quatchi
He’ll hang out in the park with some old dudes playing bocce
He’ll fall back into drugs, and his earmuffs will grow splotchy
He’ll reminisce about the days before his fur turned blotchy

But at least he’s not VANOC, eh! Those dudes are Nazis!


Over at QuatchiFan2010, he’s listening to Bob Marley…

See the whole thing here.

— Steve


2 responses to “Quatchi Rocks!

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  2. Cool! Quatchi really knows how to enjoy his life!!!!

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