Where’s Quatchi!?!?

Quatchi and his gang were nowhere to be seen during the stupid pageantry of last night’s opening ceremonies — yawn! But that didn’t stop us from having fun with our pals at our own opening ceremonies get-together.

For the occasion, we made these felt Quatchi pennants.

And Eliza baked a yummy chocolate Quatchi “Vancover” cake — her second Quatchi cake, after the one she made last summer for my 40th birthday.

Jonas seemed to enjoy it.


Here’s a better look at the cake:

And here’s firefighter Jonas with his pennant:

Thanks JP!


Looks like these guys had fun too.

— Steve


10 responses to “Where’s Quatchi!?!?

  1. I can’t believe I misspelled “Vancouver.”

  2. great crafts! and cake! go quatchi!!!

  3. O-M-Effing-G!!! I *need* a Quatchi penant. NEED one.
    Your blog rulz the school!

  4. Love the cake! Can’t beleive he wasn’t @ opening ceremonies though 😦

  5. I can’t believe I wasted two hours of my life watching Quatchi-less television (aside from my weekly dose of “House”, which my Quatchlet enjoys too). What good is a mascot when it’s not even included in the ceremony?

  6. I also can’t believe Quatchi and friends were absent from the opening ceremony. Great blog!

  7. I love the Quatchi felt pennants, so cute!

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