OMG! Quatchi’s on Facebook!!

There are currently 48 profiles with the name “Quatchi” in them, but there’s only one official Quatchi Facebook profile.

He’s apparently too busy these days to post much himself, but his 3,023 fans (including Eliza and I) have been pretty active. Check out yet another jack o’ lantern, this one by Natalie Bajalcaliev White

…and an Obama-esque image by Denise Caruso

Steve Mandich likes this.

— Steve


One response to “OMG! Quatchi’s on Facebook!!

  1. Is the Quatchi Facebook Page Official? It doesn’t have the same “look” as the Official 2010 site.

    Also on the Official 2010 site, you can give gifts of Muk Muk wearing the red torch relay mitts.

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