Quatchi Fights the Power!

Actually, it’s Squatchi who fights the power. We last saw him here, where I also misidentified him. According to the Burnaby News-Leader, Squatchi is

a renamed version of official Games mascot Quatchi that a coalition of social justice groups has unveiled to bring attention to issues like homelessness. They say the rebranded Squatchi, who has been “liberated from the forces of corporate promotions,” is so named to reflect the importance of squatting to agitate for more affordable housing.

Here’s a bigger article from the New York Daily News.

As Squatchi’s banner indicates, a big anti-Olympics protest is going down in Vancouver on Friday afternoon, just before the opening ceremonies. Let’s hope Squatchi doesn’t get his skull cracked by the Vancouver fuzz.


Squatchi speaks… Sort of!

Here’s audio of Squatchi at a pre-Olympics press conference.

— Steve


3 responses to “Quatchi Fights the Power!

  1. I’ve actually missinspelled his name as Quatchie and Squatchi. Just sounds like a porn name to me…

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