Quatchi on Twitter?

This initially appeared to be Quatchi’s twitter feed, though until recently it only had a couple of months-old tweets, both positive in nature, i.e. “Getting excited 4 the Van games!!”

But now there’s a whole mess of tweets from the past few days, many of ’em critical of the Olympics: “experience so far: buses, signposts, closures, ticketing, permits, parking, general incompetence.”

Has Quatchi been hacked?

Fail graphic found here.


Looks like the Vancouver Organizing Committee never bothered to register their trademarked names on Twitter, so protesters took over Quatchi’s twitter feed. Read about it here.

— Steve


2 responses to “Quatchi on Twitter?

  1. I don’t think it’s a hacking; I think it wasn’t Quatchi’s twitter feed in the first place…

  2. Perhaps. This post was mainly an excuse to use that funny graphic.

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