Get in the Plane: Quatchi on Tour #2

Early last month, Quatchi and Miga winged their way across Canada’s Far North in a Canadian Forces CC-130 Hercules transport aircraft, delivering sporting goods to 20 icy, remote Aboriginal communities.

As part of the the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Truce Northern Outreach Project, they airlifted a “Spirit Box” to each community, each containing “40 reversible jerseys, five soccer balls, five basketballs, 20 baseball gloves, four bats and 10 balls, four bases, 25 lacrosse sticks and 10 balls, 20 hockey sticks and 10 balls, as well as ball pumps and valves.”

The ambassadors braved sub-sub-sub-zero temperatures during the trip, but were warmly welcomed into local schools and community halls.

Quatchi ran into trouble with the Kugaaruk po-po, but no charges were filed.

Time to say goodbye.

Police photo found here, other photos found here, and another killer photo here.

— Steve


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