Quatchi at McDonald’s™

Quatchi isn’t above shilling for the fast-food behemoth, or several other corporate Olympic sponsors that we’ll cover later. On the upside are these cool Happy Meal™ toys, now available at Canadian McDonald’s™.

There are eight different figures, with Quatchi in four of them. These fine folks sure seem to be enjoying theirs.

We’re probably not gonna go up to Canada ’til long after the Olympics are over, so if any of our Canadian readers are inclined to send us any or all of these, we’d love to have ’em!

Note to Quatchi: After the Olympics are over, when you have more free time, you should check out Food, Inc. and Fast Food Nation.

Also, don’t trust Hamburglar™.

Top photo from sonson.

— Steve


3 responses to “Quatchi at McDonald’s™

  1. I got a bobsledding Quatchi and Miga one for you and Eliza! Would be happy to mail it. Just e-mail me.

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